Ippudo X Tao

On our 26th Monthversary date, I suggested a dinner at Ippudo X Tao, since Michelle had not tried Ippudo Ramen before. It is located at UE 2  but instead of the mall, it’s near the residences so it’s pretty hard to find.


We had pretty high expectations because Ippudo is supposed to be one of the best Ramen in Singapore, but this restaurant is a collaboration with the Tao performances in Japan.

We both ordered the Tao Kuro Tamago Ramen, which is not exactly the standard ramen that the other Ippudo chains offer. They come in thick mee-pok style noodles and the soup is black instead. It came with a bit of black fungus which was interesting, and the egg was nicely done too.

We also ordered their chashu, and the miso paste goes well with it!

The Ramen costs $17 per bowl and the Chashu is $4.

The place is a bit dark and the music are the beats of the Japanese traditional drums (because of the Tao theme).

It was a pretty decent meal, but I think next time I would prefer the original Ippudo Ramen.


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