Pasta with Sundried Tomatoes, Black Olives and Feta Cheese

The recess week has been a good time for me to unwind, and do things that I’ve been wanting to do.

One of them is to cook a meal that I’ve seen online!

The dish is Pasta with Sundried Tomatoes, Black Olives and Feta Cheese and the ingredients costs about $11, which I got them all from Cold Storage. It turned out to be such a huge portion that it’s actually enough for 4 people.

It tasted a little bland though, probably added too much olive oil and too little garlic.

Orange Jello

So, after seeing this idea spreading around online, I decided to give Orange Jello a shot (no pun intended) and try it out for myself!

The recipe is really easy – cut orange into half, empty the orange except for the skin, and use the skin as the container for the jelly to set.

Here’s the end product!


This would really make for a good party starter!

Valentine’s Day 2012

Michelle and I celebrated Valentine’s Day 2012 with a special twist to it!

We agreed to give each other small gifts that we will reveal at every 14th minute past the hour! At first I was quite stressed because instead of getting 1 gift, we would need to get each other 7 gifts instead. However, it turned out to be pretty fun in the end.

These were her presents for me!

We decided to have our romantic dinner that evening at Ichiban Boshi instead of the overpriced restaurants that are trying to rip hapless couples off.

It was in fact an excellent meal that’s worth the $25.90!

For the rest of the night, we basically just walked around and waited for the time to exchange presents. I did a mini acrylic painting for Michelle that was definitely my highlight of the gifts.

It’s my first ever painting on canvas though, so it’s definitely amateur standard.

For the rest of the pictures and a more detailed entry, you can go read Michelle’s blog post!

I certainly had a great Valentine’s Day with this idea.

Thanks dear!

Phonathon Lessons

I started working part-time under the NTU iGave campaign – as a student caller for Phonathon.

I hope this would be a good way to earn some spare pocket money, but I didn’t expect to have a deep thoughtful moment this evening when I called an alumni.

The parent of the alumni picked up the phone when I called, and when I asked for his daughter, he said with a very pained voice,”她已经很久没有回来了。我不清楚她的电话号码,很久没有看到她了。”

At that moment, I felt so much sadness that I was quiet for a while. I wanted to console him but I knew I was in no position as a stranger on the phone to say much, nor do I know any more background information to speak my thoughts.

After I put down the call, I pondered if I would be doing the same thing to my parents next time when I have my own family and work long hours; barely having much time to spare.

Therefore, I promise that I’ll visit them at least once a week. Even when life gets tough, I shall never forget about being filial.

Ippudo X Tao

On our 26th Monthversary date, I suggested a dinner at Ippudo X Tao, since Michelle had not tried Ippudo Ramen before. It is located at UE 2  but instead of the mall, it’s near the residences so it’s pretty hard to find.

We had pretty high expectations because Ippudo is supposed to be one of the best Ramen in Singapore, but this restaurant is a collaboration with the Tao performances in Japan.

We both ordered the Tao Kuro Tamago Ramen, which is not exactly the standard ramen that the other Ippudo chains offer. They come in thick mee-pok style noodles and the soup is black instead. It came with a bit of black fungus which was interesting, and the egg was nicely done too.

We also ordered their chashu, and the miso paste goes well with it!

The Ramen costs $17 per bowl and the Chashu is $4.

The place is a bit dark and the music are the beats of the Japanese traditional drums (because of the Tao theme).

It was a pretty decent meal, but I think next time I would prefer the original Ippudo Ramen.