Home Sweet Home Singapore

I’m finally back to sunny Singapore! It’s a good feeling returning to somewhere familiar after  a long time overseas. It’s even better when you see your awesome friends surprising you at the airport! (Thanks OSOS)

So far, I’m doing well after a day back. I didn’t wear jeans for the first time in 4 months when I go out, because it wasn’t cold. I also didn’t sweat as much as I thought I would, hence I didn’t drown in my own sweat yet.

The food is great. I mean it when I say I can’t wait to eat hawker food. Enough with the restaurants – those are pricey and I still have a phobia about giving tips. Oh the tipping culture is something that I cannot appreciate. We’re expected to give tips even though the service sucks just doesn’t make sense.

Talking about food, I kind of missed going grocery shopping and thinking of things to cook. I went to Cold Storage today and I was pretty surprised at how things are more expensive here than in Walmart (even after currency conversion).

I’ll blog about my 2 weeks in New York City soon, which will probably be a MEGA long post because we did SO many things there.

Kind of miss waking up and being on a holiday/exchange..





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