EPIC @ Strictly Pancakes

Our Year 1 Semester 1 AB113 Information Technology project group finally had a full attendance for a meal outside NTU! This is a very special feat, because all 6 of us have extremely insanely busy schedules that it took us 1 and a half years to have this meal materialize.

Anyway, this Strictly Pancakes place is at Prinsep Street, near Dhoby Ghaut.


We were told to wait 45 minutes to get seated and after we ordered, we had to wait another 30 minutes before the food arrived. So as we chat and caught up with each other, we were getting extremely hungry.

The food was quite worth the wait though, I ordered the Chicken a la King savory pancakes.

My friend ordered the Garlic Prawn Pancakes with bacon and that looked delicious as well~

I don’t know what happened to the pictures though, think something went wrong somewhere with Instagram.

Anyway, it costs about $13 or $14 for each plate and it’s a bit expensive but quite worth the try if you’ve never been there before.

Do make reservations though, because the place is small and can get quite crowded.

Our smart friend chose a transparent sticker to cover up the stranger walking in the background. He’s the only one who is doing the M sign, whereas the rest of us felt compelled to do the L sign instead.









Week 2

It is only week 2 of school, but I am already quite thoroughly embroiled in the thick stack of school work.

Maybe it’s my own determination to do better this semester.

Nevertheless, I will try to continue blogging. Although I really don’t see myself having much interesting things to share.

I did have a very nice first reunion dinner with my maternal relatives, which was at Pine Valley, Laguna National Golf and Country Club.

I already dread the amount of work I have to do during the Chinese New Year break because I have 2 presentations due the week after.

Ok, I promise my next post shall be on something that is more positive. This post is starting to feel like a drag.

Year 2 Semester 2

School has started! I stepped foot into NTU again after about 8 month’s absence and it’s quite good to see so many familiar faces again. I also got Hall of Residence 3 which I gladly took up.

Although it’s just next to my old Hall, a different/lack of a room mate (for now) makes the hall a lonely place. Moreover, my timetable is so spread out each day and I have a 5 day week! This means plenty of time for me to study hard this semester and pull up my GPA.

Yes. That IS my goal for this semester. Along with getting a good internship for my summer.


Home Sweet Home Singapore

I’m finally back to sunny Singapore! It’s a good feeling returning to somewhere familiar after  a long time overseas. It’s even better when you see your awesome friends surprising you at the airport! (Thanks OSOS)

So far, I’m doing well after a day back. I didn’t wear jeans for the first time in 4 months when I go out, because it wasn’t cold. I also didn’t sweat as much as I thought I would, hence I didn’t drown in my own sweat yet.

The food is great. I mean it when I say I can’t wait to eat hawker food. Enough with the restaurants – those are pricey and I still have a phobia about giving tips. Oh the tipping culture is something that I cannot appreciate. We’re expected to give tips even though the service sucks just doesn’t make sense.

Talking about food, I kind of missed going grocery shopping and thinking of things to cook. I went to Cold Storage today and I was pretty surprised at how things are more expensive here than in Walmart (even after currency conversion).

I’ll blog about my 2 weeks in New York City soon, which will probably be a MEGA long post because we did SO many things there.

Kind of miss waking up and being on a holiday/exchange..