First Haircut in 5 months

For the first time in my life, I have kept my hair for 5 months during my stay in the USA and Toronto. One of the reasons was that it’s cold, it’s more expensive, and caucasians don’t know how to handle asian hair etc.

This was how I looked like 5 months ago.

Yeah, it was so short it was close to a buzz cut.

After going through thick (and mostly just thick) and thin with me; poking my ear-holes and then subsequently covering my entire ear to protect me from the cold. I have decided to part with my companion for the past 5 months.

This is me this morning before I went ahead with my decision.

And this is me shortly afterwards, with a brand new crop of hair!

So, what do you guys think!!

Which hairstyle suits me better?

Picture 1, 2 or 3!

Let me know!



2 thoughts on “First Haircut in 5 months

    • haha yeah I did expect it to be super long after 5 months, but thankfully it wasn’t. Think it’s probably because it was SUPER short initially.

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