Snowboarding at Horseshoe Resort

This trip was my dream come true for Canada, I finally got to try snowboarding for the first time! We rented a car to go to Horseshoe Resort, which is just a short 1 hour drive away from North York.

The snowboard + boots rental and the ski-lift ticket (more on that later) costs us about $71.50 per person. Which isn’t cheap but I would say we didn’t have a choice since we got no experience nor equipment.

When we were driving there, we were extremely skeptical of whether the resort was open, because our GPS tells us that we’re only 2km away from our destination but we see no snow in sight at all. However, when we were panicking at 500m away from the destination, it just started SNOWING! You can imagine how miraculous it was. We were then greeted by this sight

Snow-filled slopes of happiness awaits. Don’t let the picture deceive you. The slopes are steeper than you think. The one on the right is probably at a 60degrees angle.

This is me all geared up and ready to go!

We were on the gentler slope, which is more for the beginners (who don’t need the snow-lift) and pros who wanna try out stunts.

Most of the time we just started out at where the 4 people on the left are, and kept climbing back up afterwards. A while later, the “Geh-Kiang” & the “make the most out of our money’s worth” in us came out and we took the ski-lift up to see how is it like up there.

You know, the slope doesn’t seem that bad from the picture right? It’s deceiving. We were screwed the moment we had to hop off the ski-lift and fell down immediately. The slope was just too scary and we hiked till we’re halfway down, and I proceeded by rolling and falling down the other half.

The falling down doesn’t really hurt, so it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Unless you roll down really quickly and your jacket comes up and your bare skin scrapped against the icy cold snow. Then I guess it sucks to be me.

I got a video of myself in action too!


It was really one of the happiest experience I had in Canada and if I ever get the chance, I would pick up snowboarding because it’s just so damn cool.

First Haircut in 5 months

For the first time in my life, I have kept my hair for 5 months during my stay in the USA and Toronto. One of the reasons was that it’s cold, it’s more expensive, and caucasians don’t know how to handle asian hair etc.

This was how I looked like 5 months ago.

Yeah, it was so short it was close to a buzz cut.

After going through thick (and mostly just thick) and thin with me; poking my ear-holes and then subsequently covering my entire ear to protect me from the cold. I have decided to part with my companion for the past 5 months.

This is me this morning before I went ahead with my decision.

And this is me shortly afterwards, with a brand new crop of hair!

So, what do you guys think!!

Which hairstyle suits me better?

Picture 1, 2 or 3!

Let me know!



Wang Da Rou’s Wooden Spectacles

Exam time can be a time for gifts from your housemates too!

The story started when one fine day, You Sian received a “Mystery Delivery” from Wang Da Rou, which puzzled him for a long while and resulted in a lot of laughter from my housemates upstairs. However, we thought it was just another pair of spectacles that Wang Da Rou ordered for her family.

However, things weren’t that simple!

It actually turned out that the spectacles Wang Da Rou ordered was supposed to be for… ME !!!

Here are some pictures.

The coolest thing of all is that it’s made of WOOD. This would be perfect for nerdy occasions when I need to be wearing glasses and looking smart + environmentally conscious.

Thanks for the gift!



Effects of Winter


There are some things that only happen when you are experiencing winter.

Here is my list of the little nuances in life that I’ve noticed.

  1. When you are fully suited up in winter-wear, there is no such thing as turning your head. You either look straight, or you have to turn your entire torso to look to the left/right.
  2. Every breath you take looks as though you’re exhaling smoke.
  3. It is colder outside than your freezer.
  4. You always put your hands in your jacket’s front pockets.

Ok, that was a pretty short list. As you can tell, I’m kind of bored from studying for exams.

Will try to update with more interesting posts about my last days in Toronto~

Fall semester at Schulich

I just ended the last lesson of my exchange semester at Schulich School of Business.

Although it is a known fact that you’re supposed to have fun, party and travel a lot during the exchange semester; I definitely did not expect the onslaught of assignments, reports and case presentations over here. Maybe I was asking for it by taking 5 core modules, out of which 4 were final year courses here…

Nevertheless, I am glad that it’s all over now. I’m just left with 3 exams to study for. Isn’t it awesome that some of their core modules are non-examinable over here. Their weightage for the finals are also less demanding, maybe 30 – 40% and some are purely MCQs.

Enough talk of school work.

Next week I’ll be heading to New York City again! The last destination before home sweet home.