Mesh Marketing & Poken

This is my first time attending a Mesh event, or any other marketing conference for that matter, and I found it to be an enriching experience! The usual tickets costs about $600CAD but because I volunteered to help out, I managed to catch some of the presentations for free. It was really a great event where social media aficionados gather, and you can see them on their laptops with TweetDeck on screen, or furiously tweeting from their iPad/iPhones. #mm11 was even trending during the event itself!

The most interesting gadget that was given out to the guests was a Poken device that is like a digital business card. It is a USB but it has Near Field Communication (NFC) technology integrated into it that allows two people to “add” each other onto their Poken network simply by High-5ing with Poken. It’s really cool and I think the idea can be further used in the nightlife scene. Imagine strangers meeting in a club but it gets too noisy to exchange contacts. No worries – simply connect with each other using Poken!

They also give us an individual QR code (which I just found out and started using today) and for the more tech-savvy people, here’s mine!

I learnt quite a lot today, especially from two excellent speakers – Joe Fernandez and Marcus Sheridan, and I wish I could be here in Spring to attend Mesh 2012.

Too bad school beckons back in Singapore.

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