Black Friday

It was a short 48 hours out of Toronto but it felt like we accomplished so much, because we barely caught any shut-eye.

We shopped at Fashion Outlets of Niagara and Walden Galleria during Black Friday morning, but honestly, only certain shops/brands had attractive bargains. Some of them include Coach, Kate Spade, Abercrombie & Fitch, Adidas and Tommy Hilfiger. The rest were mehhhh. Trust me. I definitely didn’t spend a lot.

The highlight of the trip was the FOOD. We had some awesome meals at Applebee’s, IHOP and The Cheesecake Factory. Each meal was so delicious and filling (the American portions are HUGE even as compared to the portions in Canada) and they were really affordable too! Photos will be up soon after they’re uploaded.

We took a little drive through Elmwood Village because we read on TripAdvisor that it was a nice town to go to, but we really didn’t find anything much to do at Buffalo.

On our way back, we also drove to the nearby Niagara on the Lake to soak in the ambience and bid our final goodbyes to this beautiful town.

I found my tentative retirement town already.

Mesh Marketing & Poken

This is my first time attending a Mesh event, or any other marketing conference for that matter, and I found it to be an enriching experience! The usual tickets costs about $600CAD but because I volunteered to help out, I managed to catch some of the presentations for free. It was really a great event where social media aficionados gather, and you can see them on their laptops with TweetDeck on screen, or furiously tweeting from their iPad/iPhones. #mm11 was even trending during the event itself!

The most interesting gadget that was given out to the guests was a Poken device that is like a digital business card. It is a USB but it has Near Field Communication (NFC) technology integrated into it that allows two people to “add” each other onto their Poken network simply by High-5ing with Poken. It’s really cool and I think the idea can be further used in the nightlife scene. Imagine strangers meeting in a club but it gets too noisy to exchange contacts. No worries – simply connect with each other using Poken!

They also give us an individual QR code (which I just found out and started using today) and for the more tech-savvy people, here’s mine!

I learnt quite a lot today, especially from two excellent speakers – Joe Fernandez and Marcus Sheridan, and I wish I could be here in Spring to attend Mesh 2012.

Too bad school beckons back in Singapore.

Youtube Likes & Dislikes

Have you ever watched a Youtube video and “Disliked” it?

I noticed recently that almost every video I view will have at least a tiny fraction of “Dislikes”. Even for the really cool and genuinely smart videos, there will be a customary comment that goes like, “The length of the dislike bar is as long as Justin Bieber’s pen*s.”

I was just wondering why there will always be someone who would go and dislike a video. Personally if I didn’t enjoy watching it, then I simply won’t “Like” it. But to really hate a video insofar as to “Dislike” it just seems a bit pro-active.

I guess there will always be haters in the world.