Obsession with Wood

I have this weird obsession with things that are made of wood.

A brand of shades – Shwood, have caught my eye (<–pun intended haha) for some time already and I have scouted high and low, from Toronto to Montreal to Quebec but to no avail. They were all sold out.

Here’s their website: http://www.shwoodshop.com/

Isn’t this East Indian Rosewood Canby the sexiest pair of shades ever?

They cost a hefty $135USD and up on the website and the waiting list is a few weeks. Because it is so darn expensive, I want to try it on physically in a shop first before making myself broke. It better be there nicely waiting for me when I arrive in New York City.

More recently (like a few days ago) my ear phones decided to fail on me, which led me to research more into ear phones. My friends’ advice on getting Sony or Audio-Technica fell on deaf ears (<–way too much pun intended). They are something I never really cared about until I realized that almost 80% of the Canadians here listen to Beats by Dr. Dre. Yup, you got that right, they listen with headphones that costs like $400CAD.

Therefore, I’m determined NOT to buy them and I chanced upon another brand when I was window shopping in my school bookstore. I know it’s so geeky to go shopping in the SCHOOL bookstore but spare me the judgement. There is an ear phone that is made partially of wood! That practically turned me on pronto.

The brand is House of Marley and here is their website: http://www.thehouseofmarley.ca/

Tell me this isn’t the coolest ear phones. People Get Ready from the Jammin’ Collection in midnight.

This costs about the price of a decent pair of ear phones at $50CAD. Totally making me drool.

If any of you out there is planning on buying Christmas presents early, you know what to get!

Thanks (in advance)!

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