Toronto Zombie Walk 2011

We saw photos from the past years’ Zombie Walks and we were super amazed at how realistic their Halloween Zombie make-up was, and we wanted to see for ourselves since we’re right here in Toronto!

True to its name, it was a parade of walking zombies (in a very orderly fashion) showing off to the trigger-happy public, who is snapping photos of them. I’m actually more amazed at how many of the zombies are smoking cigarettes and using their cellphones too.

Nevertheless, it was quite a sight.

Here are some photos!

A lot of them have some jelly liquid in their mouth that looks just like blood and it is quite amazing because they can suck it back in and continue scaring the next victim.

Some of them also just pour the fake blood onto their mouths and let it drip all down the road.

Quite a cool event, something which you definitely can’t experience in Singapore as well.

Boo ya.

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