Short Get-Away during Reading Week

As all exchange students do, we got out of our city of Toronto during the reading/recess week as soon as we can to head off to Montreal and Quebec!

The unique thing about this place is that they are both French speaking, and hence I get to revise my rusty french again by trying to read all the signs and words along the streets. It does make me want to continue my french instead of dropping it halfway.

Also, they both have a “old” Montreal and “old” Quebec part of the town that is especially nice because the buildings are all made of brick and the roads are paved with cobble-stones. It gives the France kind of feel which I realized that I enjoy a lot.

The two cities are mostly sightseeing tourist attractions and our friends studying at HEC Montreal told us that there is actually not much to do here in the day.

We did manage to do quite a few touristy things during our trip and I will be updating on them soon! (Judging by the rate, probably by next year)


Here are some preview photos of Quebec


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