Obsession with Wood

I have this weird obsession with things that are made of wood.

A brand of shades – Shwood, have caught my eye (<–pun intended haha) for some time already and I have scouted high and low, from Toronto to Montreal to Quebec but to no avail. They were all sold out.

Here’s their website: http://www.shwoodshop.com/

Isn’t this East Indian Rosewood Canby the sexiest pair of shades ever?

They cost a hefty $135USD and up on the website and the waiting list is a few weeks. Because it is so darn expensive, I want to try it on physically in a shop first before making myself broke. It better be there nicely waiting for me when I arrive in New York City.

More recently (like a few days ago) my ear phones decided to fail on me, which led me to research more into ear phones. My friends’ advice on getting Sony or Audio-Technica fell on deaf ears (<–way too much pun intended). They are something I never really cared about until I realized that almost 80% of the Canadians here listen to Beats by Dr. Dre. Yup, you got that right, they listen with headphones that costs like $400CAD.

Therefore, I’m determined NOT to buy them and I chanced upon another brand when I was window shopping in my school bookstore. I know it’s so geeky to go shopping in the SCHOOL bookstore but spare me the judgement. There is an ear phone that is made partially of wood! That practically turned me on pronto.

The brand is House of Marley and here is their website: http://www.thehouseofmarley.ca/

Tell me this isn’t the coolest ear phones. People Get Ready from the Jammin’ Collection in midnight.

This costs about the price of a decent pair of ear phones at $50CAD. Totally making me drool.

If any of you out there is planning on buying Christmas presents early, you know what to get!

Thanks (in advance)!

Toronto Zombie Walk 2011

We saw photos from the past years’ Zombie Walks and we were super amazed at how realistic their Halloween Zombie make-up was, and we wanted to see for ourselves since we’re right here in Toronto!

True to its name, it was a parade of walking zombies (in a very orderly fashion) showing off to the trigger-happy public, who is snapping photos of them. I’m actually more amazed at how many of the zombies are smoking cigarettes and using their cellphones too.

Nevertheless, it was quite a sight.

Here are some photos!

A lot of them have some jelly liquid in their mouth that looks just like blood and it is quite amazing because they can suck it back in and continue scaring the next victim.

Some of them also just pour the fake blood onto their mouths and let it drip all down the road.

Quite a cool event, something which you definitely can’t experience in Singapore as well.

Boo ya.

Montreal on Wheels

We ran out of things to do on the third day in Montreal and we decided to get some exercise and cycle around the city!

We kind of got this idea because there were a lot of bike kiosks by Bixi/Telus around and it’s only $5 for 24 hours usage. Only catch is that we have to keep finding a kiosk to dock at every 30 minutes to restart the timer.

In the end, this turned out to be one of the best decisions we made. It’s so much more exciting to see the city on a bicycle rather than staring at the walls of the subway.

We thought about the possibility of implementing this awesome business in Singapore, but we decide that it would not be feasible because the weather is simply too hot and humid to make any thing enjoyable.

Short Get-Away during Reading Week

As all exchange students do, we got out of our city of Toronto during the reading/recess week as soon as we can to head off to Montreal and Quebec!

The unique thing about this place is that they are both French speaking, and hence I get to revise my rusty french again by trying to read all the signs and words along the streets. It does make me want to continue my french instead of dropping it halfway.

Also, they both have a “old” Montreal and “old” Quebec part of the town that is especially nice because the buildings are all made of brick and the roads are paved with cobble-stones. It gives the France kind of feel which I realized that I enjoy a lot.

The two cities are mostly sightseeing tourist attractions and our friends studying at HEC Montreal told us that there is actually not much to do here in the day.

We did manage to do quite a few touristy things during our trip and I will be updating on them soon! (Judging by the rate, probably by next year)


Here are some preview photos of Quebec

Cleo Magazine Competition

My girlfriend is taking part in this Cleo magazine blogging competition, and it includes blogging about tips on beauty/health/fashion and etc!

Please go to this link to take a look (daily if possible) and leave a comment or two on whatever interests you.

Spread to your friends too!



Niagara Falls

We managed to get a $35 tour package from York University Exchange Program to go to Niagara Falls!

The surreality of it all is quite amazing, but it’s only beautiful at certain angles. It’s actually not AS tall as you imagined it to be, but I definitely think Canada’s falls is much more beautiful than USA’s.

I find the little town of Niagara on the Lake as beautiful as the Falls itself! It’s a quaint little town nearby which has the nicest of atmospheres and shops. Wished I could have spent more time there.

I’ll do a more detailed post about this when I actually have time.

IKR, procrastination rules.