First Day of School

Hurrah! Today’s my first day of school at Schulich, and from my classes and what my friends from Singapore have shared with me over dinner, I conclude that they are definitely the best business school in Canada for a good reason. My classmates are really pro-active in class and before the prof finishes the question, hands are ready to shoot up to answer. Compare this to Singapore where there is normally silence after the question, until the teacher gives in and provides answers.

Also, my Info Sys seminar was talking about Twitter this afternoon and the prof asked who do you follow on Twitter. Many replies such as “political parties” and “stocks” as well as “reporters and journalists to see things from another perspective” were heard. I was just hesitating for a split second to finally have some class participation but I realize to reply something like, “I follow Voldemort or Leticia” was not going to be a smart thing to say.

We had been cooking dinners at home too to save money and our meals so far were delicious. Really!

Today we had Rib-Eye with potatoes and spinach salad.

Ikea Meatballs! It’s really cheap here costs $5.99 for like 20 balls!

Picture from my Orientation.

Alright, off to do my readings for tomorrow..


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