Hurricane Irene

I shall take today to do a blog post about my time in New York City.

We’re stuck now in our apartment because all the subway and buses are closed and the shops are shut too. Yes, Hurricane Irene is coming to New York City and it’s going to be my first experience in a hurricane! We seem pretty chill about it though, using our Macbooks while people a few streets away are probably evacuating? Don’t really know what to do but I don’t think our apartment is exactly in the low-lying area. We’re on level 3 by the way so i think it should be fine! In case of anything I stay at 300 on 96th Street and 2nd Avenue. =0

Not that it’s a good thing because it’s screwing up with my holiday plans. We were intending to go to Woodbury Premium Outlets and Century 21 but it’s all cancelled! On a brighter note we did manage to save a lot of money today (and tomorrow).

Made good use of the last remaining sunny day in NYC to see the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, Chrysler Building, Statue of Liberty and the Wall Street Bull. Super packed day and because we wanted to save money (each trip costs $2.50), we kept walking and walking around Manhattan. At night we met Etienne, a French-Korean dude who brought us to a cool pub in Brooklyn and later went to K-town to have bibimbab. It was 3am by the time we reached Circle, the most happening club to be at for Asians and it’s just next to Times Square! Too bad we were too late and it was full already.The demographic is about 99.99% korean.

NYC food is all about bagels, burgers and pizzas. It gets pretty boring after a while, (IKR it’s only been 2 weeks here) but the BEST burger I’ve eaten was at Shake Shack.

I am getting hungry just looking at this.

Ok, I shall probably update about Hurricane Irene and other stuff when I get bored again.

My creativity and writing juices are clearly not churning out anything interesting while I’m on vacation.


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