US trip so far

It’s our 4th day in the United States and all is fine! In fact it’s great and the people here are really friendly and pleasant.

San Francisco was beautiful but brutally cold at night. Golden Gate Bridge and Fisherman’s Wharf were one of the highlights of our short 1 and a half days there. Our hostel is right beside the fisherman’s wharf so we get an AWESOME view of the sunset across the golden gate bridge. It’s such a beautiful moment that photos alone cannot capture the moment.

Las Vegas so far is nothing but casino and casino and casino. We walked the strip to and fro daily to sight-see the numerous hotels/resorts/casinos. Bellagio and its water fountain is the epitome of Grandeur and each hotel is themed so it’s interesting on the outside. Once inside, its just slots machines after slots machines. They are so common that you even see them the moment you alight from your plane.

Oh and it’s also NOT fun to walk in the afternoon under the 40 degrees sun burning on your skin, the plus point is that even then, you don’t break a single sweat because the weather here is super dry.

Went to the Las Vegas Premium Outlets and spent a bomb (relatively) there… Bought some Raulp Laurens and Tommy Hilfigers. Watched a show by the Blue Man Group which was really entertaining. Visited the old vegas and watched the Fremont Street Experience. It’s really an eye opening experience

Totally loving this holiday, will be posting up proper posts sometime in the near future! With the promise of many pictures as well..

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