Wild Honey with Michelle

I am currently at the Dubai International Airport waiting for my transit flight to San Francisco, so I shall update on my brunch at Wild Honey with Michelle to celebrate her 22nd Birthday!


We were not allowed to make any reservations so we went there early at about 11am, but it was already packed and we had to wait about half an hour to get seats. It’s a really nice place though, with great ambience for catching up with a small group of friends.

We already had a preview of their menu on their website, so we knew what to order already when we reached there. Their specialty breakfasts were the European & Tunisian Breakfasts. They also had a lot of other choices from different countries and they all costs $18 each.

My Tunisian Breakfast came in a pan and it tasted a little bit too “Mediterranean” for me. It looks like this and there were sausages with 2 poached eggs and sauce.

Michelle ordered the European Breakfast, which was Eggs Benedict, and it was divine. Really getting hungry just looking at the picture.

We didn’t try out anything else because the brunch portion was quite big and honestly, their menu was rather pricey as well for our budget!

I would definitely love to come back here again for their breakfasts but perhaps shall save it for another special occasion!

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