Todai Buffet

Kian Yong managed to get this deal online where we get to eat a lunch time buffet at Todai for $35 nett. The usual price for weekdays lunch buffet is $42++ so we saved a little bit there!

The food was mediocre and some dishes were cold already. They have a HUGE variety but each one was so-so. Thankfully they still have my snow crab leg.

The weirdest thing was I kinda liked their cuppuchino and their salad more than their sashimi and cheese-baked scallop.

This plate below has got to be the best thing they have there. It’s all in the cooked food section.

The beef steak, caramelized duck, beef short-rib and cheese mushrooms were ALL delicious. It’s also what we ate ALOT of that afternoon.

Desserts were mehh~ In fact we were trying hard to think of which food to take to fill our stomachs, because there wasn’t really much that gave us the “die-die must eat” craving.

Wouldn’t recommend this place for the usual price though, but there were lots of people/foreign tourists that filled up the 400+ seater restaurant that day.

Last but not least, we went to take a walk around MBS and Dickson pointed out a perspective of the Swissotel and Esplanade which we never saw before.



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