Ramen Champion at Iluma

Being a lover of Japanese Ramen, I wanted to go to Ramen Champion at Iluma before I leave. It’s like marche/shokudo where you are issued a card to scan before you go in and order with it.

Jun Hui ordered from the Ikkousha stall that’s from Hakata.

It’s a Kyushu style ramen and the soup is delicious.

Note that the egg is also perfectly cooked, soft and semi-runny on the inside.

I decided to try the Tsukemen for once, and I ordered from the Tetsu stall which hails from Tokyo.

The special thing about this style of ramen is that the noodles and the soup broth are separated.

The soup is actually very thick because it’s meant to be like a dipping sauce for now.

I ordered the one with the chicken, pork and seafood broth and it costs $12.50.

After you finish dipping the noodles into the thick soup, you can then proceed to the stall again and asked them to add hot water to dilute the soup base. Upon request, they should also add in an extremely hot granite stone into your soup to reheat it!

Now, you should be able to finish slurping the soup as it won’t be as salty anymore.


It is a really interesting process and the video above shows how it’s done in Tokyo itself.

You can start watching from 1:00 onwards.

I’ll definitely be back to try the other Ramen, and I’m thinking of having the Bario Ramen next.



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