Remaining Days of Summer

My remaining days of summer in sunny Singapore was spent mostly with Michelle.

We went to the SPCA where we saw Casey the Golden Retriever and I swear she likes me because she jumped up and gave me (my thigh) a big hug and refused to let go.

I really hope she gets adopted soon.

We also went to the Railway along Bukit Timah before it closes to the general public.

Honestly, I had zero memories nor recollections of anything related to the railway system in Singapore. Nevertheless, we took an afternoon to head down for some photos since it’s gonna be the last time we can do so.

Toms are really good comfy shoes for any occasions, even walking on rocks.

There were also hordes of other people taking this last chance to take pictures too. So it was REALLY crowded. Quite an irony isn’t it? It’s only getting all the attention after it’s made known that it’s going to be demolished.

We spent our 20th monthversary today at Wavehouse Sentosa! We didn’t try out the barrel/flowrider though because I wasn’t feeling very rich to splurge on falling face first into the water for an hour.

We did however got a nice tan and revisited our place of origin again.

Our customary photo on the tram.

This is the first time I’m drinking Kirin Beer and it tastes not bad. Imma support Japanese Beer just because.

Definitely had a jolly good time and I know it’s been a long time coming, but I doubt I’ll ever be prepared to leave for 5 months.

How can I ever be?




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