Hurricane Irene

I shall take today to do a blog post about my time in New York City.

We’re stuck now in our apartment because all the subway and buses are closed and the shops are shut too. Yes, Hurricane Irene is coming to New York City and it’s going to be my first experience in a hurricane! We seem pretty chill about it though, using our Macbooks while people a few streets away are probably evacuating? Don’t really know what to do but I don’t think our apartment is exactly in the low-lying area. We’re on level 3 by the way so i think it should be fine! In case of anything I stay at 300 on 96th Street and 2nd Avenue. =0

Not that it’s a good thing because it’s screwing up with my holiday plans. We were intending to go to Woodbury Premium Outlets and Century 21 but it’s all cancelled! On a brighter note we did manage to save a lot of money today (and tomorrow).

Made good use of the last remaining sunny day in NYC to see the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, Chrysler Building, Statue of Liberty and the Wall Street Bull. Super packed day and because we wanted to save money (each trip costs $2.50), we kept walking and walking around Manhattan. At night we met Etienne, a French-Korean dude who brought us to a cool pub in Brooklyn and later went to K-town to have bibimbab. It was 3am by the time we reached Circle, the most happening club to be at for Asians and it’s just next to Times Square! Too bad we were too late and it was full already.The demographic is about 99.99% korean.

NYC food is all about bagels, burgers and pizzas. It gets pretty boring after a while, (IKR it’s only been 2 weeks here) but the BEST burger I’ve eaten was at Shake Shack.

I am getting hungry just looking at this.

Ok, I shall probably update about Hurricane Irene and other stuff when I get bored again.

My creativity and writing juices are clearly not churning out anything interesting while I’m on vacation.

US trip so far

It’s our 4th day in the United States and all is fine! In fact it’s great and the people here are really friendly and pleasant.

San Francisco was beautiful but brutally cold at night. Golden Gate Bridge and Fisherman’s Wharf were one of the highlights of our short 1 and a half days there. Our hostel is right beside the fisherman’s wharf so we get an AWESOME view of the sunset across the golden gate bridge. It’s such a beautiful moment that photos alone cannot capture the moment.

Las Vegas so far is nothing but casino and casino and casino. We walked the strip to and fro daily to sight-see the numerous hotels/resorts/casinos. Bellagio and its water fountain is the epitome of Grandeur and each hotel is themed so it’s interesting on the outside. Once inside, its just slots machines after slots machines. They are so common that you even see them the moment you alight from your plane.

Oh and it’s also NOT fun to walk in the afternoon under the 40 degrees sun burning on your skin, the plus point is that even then, you don’t break a single sweat because the weather here is super dry.

Went to the Las Vegas Premium Outlets and spent a bomb (relatively) there… Bought some Raulp Laurens and Tommy Hilfigers. Watched a show by the Blue Man Group which was really entertaining. Visited the old vegas and watched the Fremont Street Experience. It’s really an eye opening experience

Totally loving this holiday, will be posting up proper posts sometime in the near future! With the promise of many pictures as well..

Wild Honey with Michelle

I am currently at the Dubai International Airport waiting for my transit flight to San Francisco, so I shall update on my brunch at Wild Honey with Michelle to celebrate her 22nd Birthday!

We were not allowed to make any reservations so we went there early at about 11am, but it was already packed and we had to wait about half an hour to get seats. It’s a really nice place though, with great ambience for catching up with a small group of friends.

We already had a preview of their menu on their website, so we knew what to order already when we reached there. Their specialty breakfasts were the European & Tunisian Breakfasts. They also had a lot of other choices from different countries and they all costs $18 each.

My Tunisian Breakfast came in a pan and it tasted a little bit too “Mediterranean” for me. It looks like this and there were sausages with 2 poached eggs and sauce.

Michelle ordered the European Breakfast, which was Eggs Benedict, and it was divine. Really getting hungry just looking at the picture.

We didn’t try out anything else because the brunch portion was quite big and honestly, their menu was rather pricey as well for our budget!

I would definitely love to come back here again for their breakfasts but perhaps shall save it for another special occasion!

Pre-Departure Post

I’m flying off in about 25 hours time and it has yet to hit me yet.

You know, that sudden epiphany when you realize, “OMG, I’m going to fly off for 5 months.”

It’s the feeling where you are packed but yet you don’t feel ready to go. Even if i’m given a week more, i’m sure I will still not be ready to leave.

It’s a funny feeling.


Todai Buffet

Kian Yong managed to get this deal online where we get to eat a lunch time buffet at Todai for $35 nett. The usual price for weekdays lunch buffet is $42++ so we saved a little bit there!

The food was mediocre and some dishes were cold already. They have a HUGE variety but each one was so-so. Thankfully they still have my snow crab leg.

The weirdest thing was I kinda liked their cuppuchino and their salad more than their sashimi and cheese-baked scallop.

This plate below has got to be the best thing they have there. It’s all in the cooked food section.

The beef steak, caramelized duck, beef short-rib and cheese mushrooms were ALL delicious. It’s also what we ate ALOT of that afternoon.

Desserts were mehh~ In fact we were trying hard to think of which food to take to fill our stomachs, because there wasn’t really much that gave us the “die-die must eat” craving.

Wouldn’t recommend this place for the usual price though, but there were lots of people/foreign tourists that filled up the 400+ seater restaurant that day.

Last but not least, we went to take a walk around MBS and Dickson pointed out a perspective of the Swissotel and Esplanade which we never saw before.


My 22nd Birthday Celebration with Michelle

Thanks to Michelle for the wonderful birthday celebration!

We had Sun with Moon for lunch and because its my birthday month, the VIP card gives us 20% discount!

I ordered the ramen set because I really like ramen with shio saba fish, while Michelle ordered the Teriyaki Chicken Kamemeshi set.

We’re supposed to let the rice and the chicken steam for 1 minute until the timer runs out, then use the stirrer to mix them well.

After that when we have some leftover rice, we can pour some soup into it to finish it up!

Inside the cooking pot.

After that we went to the Marina Barrage where it was a momentous place for us and we had a nice picnic for dinner =D

The place is really beautiful during sunset too.

The feeling of lying down on the grass and looking at the stars is lovely.

Thanks Michelle !




Source Code

I wanted to catch this in the cinema when it first opened, but I guess I was either broke or too busy. Most probably it was both.

Anyway, I get the feeling that I was watching something similar to Inception when I watch Source Code. Except this time, it’s the same scene repeating itself instead of different dreams.

It’s quite a cool concept but it gets kind of draggy when you know who the suspect was already, but you still got to continue watching the repeated scenes because the lead actor doesn’t.

Anyhow, this would probably be the last movie I’ll be watching in some time! Thankfully it was quite a good show.


My 22nd Birthday

I feel like I’m the most popular person on Facebook today as I have people posting on my wall non-stop since midnight.

I also know that the faux popularity is only going to last for a day.

However, I truly felt blessed by some of the birthday wishes and I am thankful for all the wonderful memories my close friends, loved ones and family have shared with me in the past year.

I am writing this down in the middle of the day because I got a feeling that when it is nearing the end of my birthday, I might be too inebriated to type a proper thank you post.

Some things don’t change.


Ramen Champion at Iluma

Being a lover of Japanese Ramen, I wanted to go to Ramen Champion at Iluma before I leave. It’s like marche/shokudo where you are issued a card to scan before you go in and order with it.

Jun Hui ordered from the Ikkousha stall that’s from Hakata.

It’s a Kyushu style ramen and the soup is delicious.

Note that the egg is also perfectly cooked, soft and semi-runny on the inside.

I decided to try the Tsukemen for once, and I ordered from the Tetsu stall which hails from Tokyo.

The special thing about this style of ramen is that the noodles and the soup broth are separated.

The soup is actually very thick because it’s meant to be like a dipping sauce for now.

I ordered the one with the chicken, pork and seafood broth and it costs $12.50.

After you finish dipping the noodles into the thick soup, you can then proceed to the stall again and asked them to add hot water to dilute the soup base. Upon request, they should also add in an extremely hot granite stone into your soup to reheat it!

Now, you should be able to finish slurping the soup as it won’t be as salty anymore.


It is a really interesting process and the video above shows how it’s done in Tokyo itself.

You can start watching from 1:00 onwards.

I’ll definitely be back to try the other Ramen, and I’m thinking of having the Bario Ramen next.