OSOS Founder’s Day @ The Rose Verandah

It’s been 9 years since we, the members of DHSSJAB, have met each other.

Too many things have happened since then which I shall not even attempt to put them all into a blog post. Nonetheless, through shit and more shit, we created this special bond that glues us together even after all these years. It’s almost like the second family. (for me lah, don’t know about you all)

We decided to hold a high-tea session to commemorate this Founder’s Day at Shangri-La Hotel, The Rose Verandah.

It was $38++ per pax and we get to enjoy an extensive selection of tea.

I drank the Voyager Tea as I felt like I was gonna be pretty adventurous in the coming months and it turned out to be really nice!

In summary, they don’t really have a very wide spread. But for what they have, they seem to do it pretty decently.

I was trying to look for something especially delicious but I just couldn’t name any.

Here’s some pictures to see if any tickle your fancy.

I would think their smoked salmon with salad was actually the dish I enjoyed the most. Yeah, you can tell much from it.

Their desserts were good though! I love the macaroons and the matcha chocolate.

We sat there drinking tea and catching up with one another till 6pm. In the meantime, we did take lots of photos that day!

There’s JEW.

There’s typicallyiwei.


Hunky Kianyong.

Ms head of the table Ching Hui

Long gone Evadne

The auditor, doctor and fairy pocahontas from heaven.

Chairperson Jun Xiang

Michelle, Carmen and also will come again 10 years later Tze Sam.

Trying to be like a boss Dickson

Me with Hungover from last night Kristian

We have the boys here.

And the girls here.

All together now~

Really looking forward to having meet-ups like this next time when we’re older.

When we’re working OT like mad or even when we’re older and get married and have kids. We must still find time to meet and catch up. I’m sure we will.

For more photos and to see our album series where we appear one by one, you can find them here!


2 thoughts on “OSOS Founder’s Day @ The Rose Verandah

    • Every month is often!! But I guess we could try hahaha. I think working still ok.. It’ll be after having kids that will be the hardest part to still meet up.

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