Daddy’s Birthday!

My dad suggested that we have a Japanese buffet in celebration of his birthday this year, and we headed to Kuishin-Bo!

As it was a Monday night, there was senior citizen’s discount!

Usual rate for Adults is $41.90++. However if you’re 50 and above there’s 10% discount, 55 and above there’s 15% discount, and if you’re 60 and above there’s 20% discount! That makes it a little more worthwhile to bring my parents to go on a Monday.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been here. The previous time was during Sierra Wing when we had an Exercise Fat Man after our section field camp. Oh, those were the days. The cravings for real food in a deserted forest. I digressed.

Anyway, the food has been the same since probably 4 years ago?

I’m still going to show you some of my favorite!

I simply LOVE crabs. Alaskan big big leg crabs definitely included.

I also like endless salmon sashimi, but my appetite have shrunk considerably since my extreme buffet eating days.

Actually I ate a lot of my favorite Ebi Tempura as well but it seems I gobbled it down too fast to take a picture of it.

This cake is delicious. Forgot the name of it though.

They still have their classic Dong Dong Dong 1-2-3. We Love Kuishin-Bo chant to signify something special and limited was to be served. We had cheese baked Crayfish and cheese baked Oysters! Heard from my parents the oysters weren’t that fresh…


They also have an Ice-Kacang making machine and I made my very own balls kacang!

Happy Birthday Dad!


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