Macbook Air

I am typing this post on my new Macbook Air 11″ 64GB.

What can I say, it’s been some time since I have anticipated something for so long.

So far it’s working awesome and I’m really loving it. The interface is actually pretty easy to use so I don’t see it as a big issue from people converting from Windows OS to OS X Lion.

Now I just need to familiarize myself more and do the Time Machine thing when I get back home.

Portability on the go rocks!

OSOS Founder’s Day @ The Rose Verandah

It’s been 9 years since we, the members of DHSSJAB, have met each other.

Too many things have happened since then which I shall not even attempt to put them all into a blog post. Nonetheless, through shit and more shit, we created this special bond that glues us together even after all these years. It’s almost like the second family. (for me lah, don’t know about you all)

We decided to hold a high-tea session to commemorate this Founder’s Day at Shangri-La Hotel, The Rose Verandah.

It was $38++ per pax and we get to enjoy an extensive selection of tea.

I drank the Voyager Tea as I felt like I was gonna be pretty adventurous in the coming months and it turned out to be really nice!

In summary, they don’t really have a very wide spread. But for what they have, they seem to do it pretty decently.

I was trying to look for something especially delicious but I just couldn’t name any.

Here’s some pictures to see if any tickle your fancy.

I would think their smoked salmon with salad was actually the dish I enjoyed the most. Yeah, you can tell much from it.

Their desserts were good though! I love the macaroons and the matcha chocolate.

We sat there drinking tea and catching up with one another till 6pm. In the meantime, we did take lots of photos that day!

There’s JEW.

There’s typicallyiwei.


Hunky Kianyong.

Ms head of the table Ching Hui

Long gone Evadne

The auditor, doctor and fairy pocahontas from heaven.

Chairperson Jun Xiang

Michelle, Carmen and also will come again 10 years later Tze Sam.

Trying to be like a boss Dickson

Me with Hungover from last night Kristian

We have the boys here.

And the girls here.

All together now~

Really looking forward to having meet-ups like this next time when we’re older.

When we’re working OT like mad or even when we’re older and get married and have kids. We must still find time to meet and catch up. I’m sure we will.

For more photos and to see our album series where we appear one by one, you can find them here!

Memories from the Army

I was sorting through my drawers and I came across a red envelope with some handwritten note from a stranger. “That’s strange”, I thought. Why would I receive an ang bao from someone I have never met and still keep it in the drawer?

Upon reading the note, the memories came rushing back to me. About 2 – 3 years back when we were still officer cadets, the lowest life form on Earth, we had to help out in our senior’s commissioning parade. You see, there was this unwritten tradition where the newly commissioned officers have to give an ang bao to the person that saluted him first. Inside this ang bao were a customary few dollars, together with a personal note that you write to your junior to inspire him on to complete his training to become an officer.

We juniors would compete to salute as many new officers as possible, so as to “earn a couple of bucks” on another Saturday burnt.

As the saying goes, “those were the days…”

Jeffrey Archer – The Prodigal Daughter

This book can be titled Florentyna Rosnovski’s Biography and I wouldn’t be surprised. A sequel to Kane & Abel, which is one of my all-time favorite novels, The Prodigal Daughter continues on about the life of Abel Rosnovski’s daughter and her extremely exciting and over-achieving life.

It’s like reading a book about the smartest and richest people in society getting together and forming 2 formidable business empires and then one of them got bored being rich and decided to chase her passion for politics.

This book kept me up till late at night and I can’t emphasis how much Jeffrey Archer’s books are a MUST read.


There are two kinds of truth: the truth that lights the way and the
truth that warms the heart. The first of these is science, and the
second is art. Neither is independent of the other or more important
than the other. Without art science would be as useless as a pair of
high forceps in the hands of a plumber. Without science art would
become a crude mess of folklore and emotional quackery. The truth of
art keeps science from becoming inhuman, and the truth of science keeps
art from becoming ridiculous.
Raymond Chandler

Daddy’s Birthday!

My dad suggested that we have a Japanese buffet in celebration of his birthday this year, and we headed to Kuishin-Bo!

As it was a Monday night, there was senior citizen’s discount!

Usual rate for Adults is $41.90++. However if you’re 50 and above there’s 10% discount, 55 and above there’s 15% discount, and if you’re 60 and above there’s 20% discount! That makes it a little more worthwhile to bring my parents to go on a Monday.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been here. The previous time was during Sierra Wing when we had an Exercise Fat Man after our section field camp. Oh, those were the days. The cravings for real food in a deserted forest. I digressed.

Anyway, the food has been the same since probably 4 years ago?

I’m still going to show you some of my favorite!

I simply LOVE crabs. Alaskan big big leg crabs definitely included.

I also like endless salmon sashimi, but my appetite have shrunk considerably since my extreme buffet eating days.

Actually I ate a lot of my favorite Ebi Tempura as well but it seems I gobbled it down too fast to take a picture of it.

This cake is delicious. Forgot the name of it though.

They still have their classic Dong Dong Dong 1-2-3. We Love Kuishin-Bo chant to signify something special and limited was to be served. We had cheese baked Crayfish and cheese baked Oysters! Heard from my parents the oysters weren’t that fresh…


They also have an Ice-Kacang making machine and I made my very own balls kacang!

Happy Birthday Dad!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

It’s been a long journey to the end of this movie franchise that many of us relate to. I daresay most of us have definitely read the books some time in our lives and knowing that it’s all ended is… bittersweet.

The coolest thing about the movie is that we could all watch Harry Potter grow old together with us (teenagers) into an adult and somehow it adds to the realism of the wizardry world. Our childhood fantasies of a real Hogwarts will be but a memory in our hearts.

Personally I very much prefer the earlier movies where things weren’t so dark and the Quidditch matches were exciting as hell.

It’s definitely still a must-watch movie!

Prepare to hear some sobs in the cinema as well.


40 Hands

Hidden (trust me) in a little corner of Tiong Bahru lies a cafe called 40 Hands

Heard from my friends/magazines that they serve really nice coffee with an excellent ambience so we went to see it for ourselves today!

Their opening hours are pretty specific and they close at 6.30pm on Sundays, so we only had half an hour to finish our lattes, mochas and cuppucinos.

We also ordered a scookie to go along with our coffee!

The drinks were decently priced, except the iced ones which can go up to $8 for a cuppa.

Would definitely go back again if I’m in the area (which I’m not likely to be) and also go check out Books Actually!

It was closed by the time we got there and we could only stare in from the window.

Can you spot the living thing?

Seems like such a nice place already.