Forever 21 Spree – 1 July 2011

Hi friends!


here’s bringing you a F21 spree (co-organized with my gf, who has been doing this for the past 2 years)


i can assure you that it will be much cheaper than the normal sprees you see elsewhere. that’s because we only keep the spree to amongst friends, so no handling fees will be charged!!! items can also be collected by meetup, so again, no additional $ spent on postage 😀


it’s as simple as that: you buy, we order, you collect!


F21 caters for both guys and girls, so do check it out, the guys’ stuff are quite nice!


***an additional reminder: please do not send me orders for NAIL POLISH, BODY MIST, or any other items that have aerosols in them. vpost is really strict about this and the items will be confiscated without refund


deadline for this spree is

FRIDAY 1 JULY 2011 11pm


email your orders to: (my gf will be collating the orders for free US shipping) in the following format:

Item URL:  

Item Name: 

Price in USD:




try not to miss out the url, size or colour because otherwise i cant order it for you


shipping is done by weight/units. accessories: 1 unit tops, camis, tanks: 1 unit babydolls, tunics, shorts: 1.5 units dresses, jeans: 2 units, shoes & bags: 3 units and above depending on weight all you have to do is just tell me your order. and when the shipping bill comes (about 1-2 weeks later) then i will let you know how much it is! (:


you can ask your friends, or friend’s friends! because the more the merrier, and we can maximize shipping costs so that everyone pays a little less. clothes will arrive approximately 2-3 weeks after i order!


website to order from:


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