Korea Trip 13 – 20 May, Day 8

This will be the last of my Korea posts.

There wasn’t much in store for us actually. We started off the morning with breakfast at that horrible Tourist Restaurant again, where after that we were brought to an amethyst shop and some liver supplement shop that are meant to cater especially for tourists.

The highlight of the short day was probably going to the Edae Market near Ewha’s Women’s University. We had a short while to shop around and have our lunch so we walked into a departmental mall called Kosney and spent the time there looking around at all the interesting handicrafts similar to those that you find in Korean like shops here.

Our lunch was at a restaurant of our choosing! So when we spotted one that has Kimchi Pancake, we went in. HAHA


We left for the airport after lunch and it was indeed a sad moment. I don’t wanna go back to humid Singapore.. but then I’m too broke to stay there any longer.

I had another awesome meal-on-a-plane of chicken rice but this time round it didn’t taste as good as when I was flying there.

Anyway, we spotted a Korean star while we were waiting for our luggage at Changi Airport! It turned out that he was in the same plane as us but we didn’t know who he was! It turned out to be Kim Kibum which we STILL don’t know who he is.

My paparazzi skills are excellent (I insist) and I managed to snap a shot of him!

He is the one kiap in between the 2 police escorts.

This marks the end of my enjoyable 8D6N Grandeur of Korea tour by Chan Brothers and I had an excellent time there =)


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