Korea Trip 13 – 20 May, Day 6

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We woke up and had a quickie breakfast at the restaurant there before leaving on a 3 hour bus ride to Yongjin Everland!

The Everland theme park is the biggest I’ve ever been to and there were SO many rides and attractions that I think we only physically saw less than half of them. Also, because it was the school holidays, the crowd was also the biggest I’ve seen. Almost every ride needs an hour waiting time and that part was really a mood killer.

Furthermore, even though we already have extremely little time to sit those exciting rides, the tour guide still brought us to watch a Sea Lion show and a Monkey show that consists of a lot of different animals as well. It wasn’t boring because the show itself was pretty nice! But I wished I had more time to sit those thrilling rides instead. Sad part is I will probably never go back there again so I’ll never get a chance to try those rides out.

We did however managed to sit on the Amazon Express and the Safari World attractions.

The coolest thing about Amazon Express is the park attendants there! There is this guy who is famous for being shy but after working at the theme park, he became this outspoken person and when we were queueing there, 2 of them even broke out into a dance routine and it was really entertaining!

The other attraction was the Safari World, where we sat in a bus and got really close with the lions, tigers and bears! Most of them were just laying on the grass looking sleepy though. Other than the bears who were damn smart and know how to get treats from the bus driver cum tour guide! Here’s a video showing the smart bear walking backwards while eating treats!

Time passed super fast and it was evening already! Our next stop for the day was the Kimchi Making Session! We all though we were going to make Kimchi from scratch but alas, we should have known better. They already prepared the sauce and cabbage for us and we just have to coat the cabbage with the sauce.

My finished product looks like a bleeding heart.

Anyway, we didn’t get to bring that home with us. They told us that they’re going to let it ferment and give it to some old folks home. Good luck to the old folks! They get to taste my lovely kimchi.

We were then brought upstairs to this place that is specially meant for tourists to camwhore. They have different types of traditional Korean clothes and I chose the 武官 attire because I know they get to wear the cool cool hat and carry a sword. MUAHAHA.

Don’t worry i’m not retarded, I know I have to unsheath the sword but it’s not my fault that it’s just a prop and it can’t be unsheathed. I love the picture below! I’m even wearing traditional cloth shoes just like the old days. Except these are Toms.

I assure you I was not being retarded.

Our dinner was another shabu shabu buffet! My favorite type of meal in Korea because it means free flow of meat.

It comes in huge pieces of raw meat but we were supposed to let it cook a bit first before cutting it up into smaller pieces to eat.

I know right. I’m feeling hungry again…

We were brought back to our hotel at Best Western Premier Seoul Garden Hotel and because we were young and restless and still very gian to do more shopping, we hurriedly hailed a cab and sped off to DongDaeMun market again! Typical Singaporeans but it feels good to know that you’ve scoured the entire mall before satisfyingly knowing you bought all that you possible should have.

I know I did, because I came back to Singapore pretty much penniless. There’s another awesome shopping district called MyeongDong but I shall save that for the next post!


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