Wild About Wings

Wild About Wings is the new eatery along East Coast Park that serves one of the most delicious wings in Singapore!

The unique thing about their wings is the variety of flavors that they come in.

Here are some of the flavors that can be found on the regular menu. However, for this month of July there’s Seaweed and Cornflakes too!

The prices differ from the picture. It now costs $0.99 during happy hour (3-6pm) , $1.39 for dine-in and $1.59 for take-away! Seaweed and Cornflakes costs $0.20 more. Yummy Wings!

That’s not all !!!

Wild About Wings now serve the WORLD’S HOTTEST CHILI – Bhut Jolokia Chili Pepper

It’s more commonly known as the Ghost Chili / Ghost Pepper and trust me, it’s not for the faint-hearted.

It looks innocent like this, but it sure packs a punch!

Just a fun fact, Ghost Chili is 401.5 times hotter than Tabasco Sauce!

I tried one winglet this afternoon and it was spicy beyond my expectations.


If you have never tried Ghost Chili before, or you want to test your tolerance for spiciness, this is THE wing to try =)

ALSO, Wild About Wings was featured in iWeekly (this week’s issue!)

So if you haven’t come down to Wild About Wings, what are you waiting for?

Opening hours are 3 pm – 1030 pm daily.

It can be easily found near ECP Mcdonald’s (just 2 stalls away)

Last but not least, do “Like” Wild About Wings on the Facebook page HERE


My Dad might not be the greatest cook but he is definitely a great Dad. It’s a blessing to wake up in the morning to the smell of something being fried in the kitchen, knowing that he’s preparing a hearty breakfast for you. Today I had garlic & butter toasted bread with a sunny side up and tuna spread.

Thanks Dad!

Forever 21 Spree – 1 July 2011

Hi friends!


here’s bringing you a F21 spree (co-organized with my gf, who has been doing this for the past 2 years)


i can assure you that it will be much cheaper than the normal sprees you see elsewhere. that’s because we only keep the spree to amongst friends, so no handling fees will be charged!!! items can also be collected by meetup, so again, no additional $ spent on postage 😀


it’s as simple as that: you buy, we order, you collect!


F21 caters for both guys and girls, so do check it out, the guys’ stuff are quite nice!


***an additional reminder: please do not send me orders for NAIL POLISH, BODY MIST, or any other items that have aerosols in them. vpost is really strict about this and the items will be confiscated without refund


deadline for this spree is

FRIDAY 1 JULY 2011 11pm


email your orders to: pee.standing@gmail.com (my gf will be collating the orders for free US shipping) in the following format:

Item URL:  

Item Name: 

Price in USD:




try not to miss out the url, size or colour because otherwise i cant order it for you


shipping is done by weight/units. accessories: 1 unit tops, camis, tanks: 1 unit babydolls, tunics, shorts: 1.5 units dresses, jeans: 2 units, shoes & bags: 3 units and above depending on weight all you have to do is just tell me your order. and when the shipping bill comes (about 1-2 weeks later) then i will let you know how much it is! (:


you can ask your friends, or friend’s friends! because the more the merrier, and we can maximize shipping costs so that everyone pays a little less. clothes will arrive approximately 2-3 weeks after i order!


website to order from:



Redang Trip 13 – 16th June

We booked a Laguna Redang 4N3D Tour with 5 Stars travel agency for S$370 per person.

Honestly, I did think that it was one of the nicest resorts there so the price could be partially justified. The meals were also provided and they were all buffets!

However, going to Redang comes at another price. You might be wondering how come our trip is 4 Nights and 3 Days… That’s because our bus trip there was a whopping 12 hours and it was quite a torture being stuck on a seat with nothing to do but reading and watching a small television screen in front of me. So effectively, we were only on Redang Island for a total of 1.5 days.

The bus was so cold that when we reached there it looked like I was wrongly dressed for the beautiful beach

It’s a pretty small beach but the sand was fine and the sea was clear nonetheless. I would think the phiphi island one was nicer but it’s quieter here, without the many hordes of tourists.

Here are some photos of the resort.

If you have watched the chinese movie 夏日嬷嬷茶, then you would have found this familiar!

This is because Redang Island was used to film this movie and believe it or not, they actually have a channel that is playing this movie on repeat at the resort.

Our package included 3 snorkelling trips, and there were 2 sessions daily. One at 0930 and another at 1500. We went for the 1500 to Pasir Akar, which was an open sea and the next morning we went to the Marine Park where it was some protected coral area with plenty more fishes!

The process is actually really simple. They will gather a few hundred of the tourists at the designated time and deploy like 5 or 6 ships to ferry us all out the the location. When we’re there, they will dump us all into the sea and let us float around for about an hour and then fetch us back to the resort.

I wonder whether the fishes get scared when there’s a sudden swarm of human bodies floating around in the water.


This was taken from the jetty at the Marine Park, where we had to pay an additional 5 ringgit to enter.


You could really see so many fishes, especially if you feed them bread they will come swarming towards you. Next time I go snorkelling I would know not to wear the life vest as its really just restricting your movements and you won’t be able to dive deeper to go closer to the fishes and the corals!

Our hotel room was really spacious and there were 2 single beds and 1 king sized bed for just the 2 of us.

Other than snorkelling and eating, there really wasn’t much to do on the island other than chilling at the swimming pool or by the beach. We didn’t go for the third snorkelling trip on the second day so we had plenty of time to alternate between the pool and the beach and camwhore.


I’m kinda glad the Instax photos turned our really nice! The trick (because I’m using a Fujifilm Mini 25) is to darken every picture taken under the sun. It makes the colors more intense and prevents overexposure.


They also have a beach side bar and this was baileys + kahlua + 2 scoops of ice cream

We also attempted to take silhouette photos but we could only take it at sunrise and it didn’t turn out that perfect.

We also chilled the night away at the beach bar listening to some live music. They could sing pretty well but sometimes, you can tell they don’t really know how to pronounce the lyrics of the English songs they’re singing.

Right, in a lot of photos here you might notice me carrying a can of beer. What else goes with chilling by the beach right?

It actually costs 10 Ringgit per can here. What a tourist destination ripoff price.

The food there was mediocre. I can’t really complain though because every single meal I still take mountains of food onto my plate and gobble gobble.

It was a mix of western and chinese and malay food and there was a wide variety of food. The not so fun part was the fact that all the people in the resort will come to this place for their meal and it gets kinda crowded.

Anyhow, it was a really fun trip with Michelle and I definitely fulfilled my wish of going to another beach holiday this year.

For more photos of my Redang Trip, you can go to this link.


At Peace with Myself.




Korea Trip 13 – 20 May, Day 8

This will be the last of my Korea posts.

There wasn’t much in store for us actually. We started off the morning with breakfast at that horrible Tourist Restaurant again, where after that we were brought to an amethyst shop and some liver supplement shop that are meant to cater especially for tourists.

The highlight of the short day was probably going to the Edae Market near Ewha’s Women’s University. We had a short while to shop around and have our lunch so we walked into a departmental mall called Kosney and spent the time there looking around at all the interesting handicrafts similar to those that you find in Korean like shops here.

Our lunch was at a restaurant of our choosing! So when we spotted one that has Kimchi Pancake, we went in. HAHA


We left for the airport after lunch and it was indeed a sad moment. I don’t wanna go back to humid Singapore.. but then I’m too broke to stay there any longer.

I had another awesome meal-on-a-plane of chicken rice but this time round it didn’t taste as good as when I was flying there.

Anyway, we spotted a Korean star while we were waiting for our luggage at Changi Airport! It turned out that he was in the same plane as us but we didn’t know who he was! It turned out to be Kim Kibum which we STILL don’t know who he is.

My paparazzi skills are excellent (I insist) and I managed to snap a shot of him!

He is the one kiap in between the 2 police escorts.

This marks the end of my enjoyable 8D6N Grandeur of Korea tour by Chan Brothers and I had an excellent time there =)

Korea Trip 13 – 20 May, Day 7

Got to hurry up and finish blogging on the Korea trip before I forget certain details! Sorry for the wait!

We were taken to a restaurant called “Tourist Restaurant” that serves China food and our tour guide even said that this restaurant might satisfy our palette better than the usual Korean food or hotel buffet breakfast. What he doesn’t know is that Singaporeans are NOT from China and we do not prefer China food to Korean food. It was one of the worst breakfasts we had in Korea.

We were brought to Bukak Palgakjeong to see the scenery of some mountains and a certain real estate that has very good feng shui and is one of the richest estate in South Korea according to the guide. I don’t see how that place has good feng shui though, because the houses there don’t really look like they’re for the richest people in Korea. Can’t really see much from the picture below too.

There wasn’t really much to do so we took our time to take some pictures and be sad that our days in Korea were soon coming to an end.

Our next stop was at the nearby Cheongwadae museum. It’s also known as the presidential museum and it has a set that looks like the presidential office where you can sit on the chair and act like you’re the president of South Korea, Lee Myung Bak.

Michelle’s mom went to strike a pose as an example!

There is also apparently a “must-take” picture outside the museum where you can see the lucky mountain and the fountain and what-nots. I don’t really believe in these stuffs but hey, no harm right.

Before we left, they made sure to bring us to certain tourist places such as the Ginseng shop. We were taken on a tour with explanations about the miracle properties of ginseng like its the best thing in the world. They then brought us to this room and closed the door so we can’t leave and we had to listen through a sales pitch in which one box of ginseng costs about USD$1165. Like seriously?!?! We just ate some samples and left.

Lunch was my favorite again. Shabu Shabu Buffet!

This time round I made sure I whack the pork until I’m shiok. Here’s a video of Michelle testing her hand at shabu shabu =)

master shabu chef from Michelle Law on Vimeo.

We were then brought to The Face Shop after lunch where we were told everything there was tax free already and when compared to the prices in Singapore, it’s really cheaper by a lot. Some of the other people from our tour group obviously were waiting for this chance to pounce on beauty products and a couple of them spent more than $500 each. It’s amazing really. I just helped my aunt buy some cream and bought a couple of face masks for the relatives and myself. I really don’t think it works though.

Anyway, my next adventure is at Lotte World! It’s happy time for me because I can sit all the thrilling rides.

We were only given 5 rides to sit but it was more than enough actually. We went to queue for French Revolution, which looked deceivingly like some mild roller coaster but actually turned out to be quite an exciting one (for Michelle’s standards). Too bad no videos/pictures though.

We did however take a video of the Waikiki Wave which we sat too!

wakiki wave from Michelle Law on Vimeo.

The most exciting ride that I sat there was the Gyro Drop! It looks really scary at first because it’s a free fall from quite an impressive height, but the view from above was really worth it and when it drops down, it’s not that scary. The wait is probably more exciting!

gyro dropping from Michelle Law on Vimeo.

Looks like the Disney Castle right!

We had our own dinner at Lotte World in which we ate Sapporo hot ramen, which is nongshim instant noodles with a bit more ingredients.

Anyway, the highlight was post-dinner activities! It was about 8.30pm or so when we reached back at the hotel and we immediately chionged down the Myeongdong because we heard there’s H&M and other good shopping places there. It was the BEST shopping place we’ve been to in Korea. There were so many shops all around, big names one as well as pasar malam style shops along the streets. It was such a huge place that we sort of lost our direction. Bought many stuff there for relatively cheap prices and if I were to go back to Seoul again, this would definitely be one of the destinations to go to!

That concludes Day 7 of my 8 days tour in South Korea.


Korea Trip 13 – 20 May, Day 6

Back to Korea posts!

We woke up and had a quickie breakfast at the restaurant there before leaving on a 3 hour bus ride to Yongjin Everland!

The Everland theme park is the biggest I’ve ever been to and there were SO many rides and attractions that I think we only physically saw less than half of them. Also, because it was the school holidays, the crowd was also the biggest I’ve seen. Almost every ride needs an hour waiting time and that part was really a mood killer.

Furthermore, even though we already have extremely little time to sit those exciting rides, the tour guide still brought us to watch a Sea Lion show and a Monkey show that consists of a lot of different animals as well. It wasn’t boring because the show itself was pretty nice! But I wished I had more time to sit those thrilling rides instead. Sad part is I will probably never go back there again so I’ll never get a chance to try those rides out.

We did however managed to sit on the Amazon Express and the Safari World attractions.

The coolest thing about Amazon Express is the park attendants there! There is this guy who is famous for being shy but after working at the theme park, he became this outspoken person and when we were queueing there, 2 of them even broke out into a dance routine and it was really entertaining!

The other attraction was the Safari World, where we sat in a bus and got really close with the lions, tigers and bears! Most of them were just laying on the grass looking sleepy though. Other than the bears who were damn smart and know how to get treats from the bus driver cum tour guide! Here’s a video showing the smart bear walking backwards while eating treats!

Time passed super fast and it was evening already! Our next stop for the day was the Kimchi Making Session! We all though we were going to make Kimchi from scratch but alas, we should have known better. They already prepared the sauce and cabbage for us and we just have to coat the cabbage with the sauce.

My finished product looks like a bleeding heart.

Anyway, we didn’t get to bring that home with us. They told us that they’re going to let it ferment and give it to some old folks home. Good luck to the old folks! They get to taste my lovely kimchi.

We were then brought upstairs to this place that is specially meant for tourists to camwhore. They have different types of traditional Korean clothes and I chose the 武官 attire because I know they get to wear the cool cool hat and carry a sword. MUAHAHA.

Don’t worry i’m not retarded, I know I have to unsheath the sword but it’s not my fault that it’s just a prop and it can’t be unsheathed. I love the picture below! I’m even wearing traditional cloth shoes just like the old days. Except these are Toms.

I assure you I was not being retarded.

Our dinner was another shabu shabu buffet! My favorite type of meal in Korea because it means free flow of meat.

It comes in huge pieces of raw meat but we were supposed to let it cook a bit first before cutting it up into smaller pieces to eat.

I know right. I’m feeling hungry again…

We were brought back to our hotel at Best Western Premier Seoul Garden Hotel and because we were young and restless and still very gian to do more shopping, we hurriedly hailed a cab and sped off to DongDaeMun market again! Typical Singaporeans but it feels good to know that you’ve scoured the entire mall before satisfyingly knowing you bought all that you possible should have.

I know I did, because I came back to Singapore pretty much penniless. There’s another awesome shopping district called MyeongDong but I shall save that for the next post!