Korea Trip 13 – 20 May, Day 4

Our last meal at Jeju was the hotel buffet breakfast! It pretty much pwnz the abalone porridge we had the previous day. I love the spread here but we didn’t really take a lot of pictures. Something that was worthy of mentioning was the something something dumpling that looks like this! Totally forgot what it’s called.

Anyway, we took another domestic flight to Daegu and then another long bus ride to the Applease Winery! At first they said we’re going to make our own Apple Wine and I got pretty interested. In the end, it’s just putting the cork into the wine bottle and sealing the label that we’re doing. Quite disappointing but at least we get to bring it home. Below is a video on the process that we went through!

We then went to watch some guy make apple pancake for us which was pretty pointless really. Bought some pomegranate wine there as well because it tastes slightly better than apple wine!

Our lunch was at the Applease winery as well. It was chicken with vermicelli and the servings of chicken was damn pathetic. Luckily the generous and nicer tasting vermicelli made up for it.

There was a short shopping session after lunch, by then it was about 3.30pm already. By now we sort of got the hang of how to speed-shop because we were only given 2 hours or so to finish walking some huge shopping district, and we all know that’s impossible. Managed to buy some shoes and shorts and polos there. There’s a shop called Who.A.U. a South Korean brand that’s selling California lifestyle clothes that got me spending. The clothes are perfect for Singapore I think, and beachy places.

I was also exposed to the myriad of shops selling facial and beauty products there. Michelle recommended Tony Moly and although it’s my first time hearing it, I bought some foot cream there for my very cracked feet.

This picture just screams, “WE ARE TOURISTS”. Who else takes pictures in the middle of a random street.

Our last stop for today was the Donghwasa Temple. It’s more than a thousand years old and the whole place there was serene. They also have a lot of cute cats there. Anyway, we were supposed to drink some water for some reasons which I happened to forget as well.

Firstly you must pour some water for the ground gods, then drink some for yourself, and then pour the remainder for the sky gods. While doing so, you might want to take care not to touch the ladle because hundreds of other people have used that ladle to drink the water too. Below is a video on the process! (Although I’m definitely not saying the correct things while doing so)

drinking special water from Michelle Law on Vimeo.

They have a lot of colorful lanterns here. Don’t ask me why.

We continued walking in that premise for about an hour or so to see this Big Buddha.

The good part of the stroll was the flora and fauna and beautiful scenery I guess.

It was cold that night at Daegu and we were brought to a restaurant that served tofu soup with truffles! It was really the perfect dinner in that chilly weather and the soup was super tasty! That little piece of mushroom like thingy is the treasured truffle. Honestly, I didn’t really like it. Tastes too much like wild mushrooms to me.

An example of the generous portions of appetizers that comes with every Korean meal here.

That marks the end of our day! It wasn’t very exciting because of all the travelling but it was a good day to rest and unwind.

Michelle and I decided to chill in the cool night air outside 7-11 with snacks because it was still pretty early but there was absolutely nothing to do near the Daegu Hotel Inter-Burgo Exco. It was all convention centers around us and hence all the shops close after office hours. Nevertheless, it was a lovely night chilling. Singapore should have these tables and chairs outside the 7-11s as well. But then the weather is too humid and we have coffee shops here to do that already.

Next up will be Day 5!

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