Korea Trip 13 – 20 May, Day 3

Today we had a full day out at Jeju Island! We started the morning early with some pictures outside the Jeju Ocean Suites Hotel. I honestly think it was one of the nicer hotels we stayed in during the trip, with the big ocean just outside our door step.

This was followed by some minuscule abalone porridge (From more experiences later on, I would gladly prefer the hotel breakfast buffet)  that didn’t taste very nice. I like the seaweed and kimchi that goes with every single meal though.

Our first destination for today was the Yongduam Rock formation. It’s supposedly shaped like a dragon’s head returning out to sea. It’s kinda funny how people personify natural elements and even go to the extreme of making up stories to explain such phenomenons. Makes for good story telling during tours I guess.

My happiest moment there was when I finally got to taste street side Korean fare! I’m eating some char siew on a stick here.

Jeju Island also has two prominent 土地公 that you can see almost everywhere and on many products as well. It is also a legend/myth that if you rub the nose of the 土地公 with the higher right hand, your wife will bear a son while the higher left hand will bear you a daughter. Looks like it’s gonna be a boy here ^_^

We soon departed that place to go to the Seongsan Sunrise Peak. It’s a very beautiful place with awesome weather! This is actually an extinct volcano and the cap became a caldera filled with green grass.

We didn’t feel particularly healthy to climb up the mountain but if we do, the top view would look like this!

Instead we chose to camwhore a lot at the base of the mountain heh heh.

If you pay a bit of money, they could take you on a speed boat ala Taio Cruz style to zoom around the island but we didn’t have the time to do so.

We bought some ice-cream to eat in the cold breeze and it was perfect.

prefere ice-cream making from Michelle Law on Vimeo.


Lunch today was delicious and super filling because the pork was free flow buffet style! Singaporeans love buffet and we ate many many many portions. Here’s a short video on how we were taught to eat the shabu shabu bbq lunch.

shabu lettuce ball making from Michelle Law on Vimeo.

After lunch, we went to the Jeju Folk Village where we learnt about how they traditionally live in Jeju. It was also mentioned that because of the Korean war, there was a major shortage of men in Jeju and there was a time when 5 or 6 women will be courting a man for his hand in marriage. As such, a typical man have a few wives and he will not be working but sitting at home all day to be in prime condition to have coitus and produce off-springs. His wives will have different roles such a woman divers to catch seafood or shellfishes as a living and there is also another wife whose primary job is to go to the mountains everyday to fetch water. One significant feature about Jeju is that they have no water beneath the ground, hence you won’t see any wells there and the wife therefore have to take on the role as water fetcher.

This brings rise to the statue below where men will want to touch the woman’s face for good luck and etc.

They also have torture equipment in the old days, but somehow along with modern times it evolved into a form of venereal entertainment instead, as can be seen below.

People then used to play games such as throwing the arrow into a small cylindrical object. Despite being juxtaposed as if I’m throwing an arrow at the boy’s head, it was quite fun actually.

Our next destination for the day was the Teseum, short for Teddy Bear Museum!

I tell you there are so many stuff toys and teddy bears there. A lot of the bears were personified and amongst them were the wonder girls! Damn ugly right.

My inner child.

Van Gogh with Starry Night over the Rhone and Mondrian were present too, as was Da Vinci with the Vitruvian Man.

Lovely place it was but too bad the souvenir shop didn’t really have affordable bears to bring home.

Our day ended with Ginseng Chicken for dinner! It’s one of the first few things people think of when they go to Korea but if I were to choose my meals, this would not be high on the list. It’s not exactly nice and I was kinda kiasu and put too much ginseng wine into the soup and it turned out REALLY alcoholic.

We went out in the late evening to take a stroll and we ate the Korean Rice Cake. We didn’t take any pictures but if we did it would look something like this! Yeah it’s pretty spicy.

Kunjip rice cake

I think I also bought a bottle of Soju that night to drink because the tour guide said that it’s a staple part of their diet to drink Soju with meals. Trust me, it tastes just like watered down vodka and the alcohol content was 20%. The bottle looks something like this and costs $2 there.

In Singapore, I went to Seoul Mart and a similar bottle here costs about $14!

Oh and their cigarette smoking nation can be partially explained by the cheap cost of a pack of cigarettes, just $2 a pack! Therefore, almost all the men there smoke like chimneys.

With that I conclude Day 3 of my Korea Trip. Will be blogging about Day 4 really soon!


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