Ipoh – Animals

Ok, the last of this series of posts shall be about Animals!

The first thing I saw at the petting zoo at Ipoh Sunway were the raccoons and I believe it’s also my first time seeing one in person.

It’s seriously damn bloody cute.

It likes to hang down for food


The zoo keeper put that thing on my shoulder.

Close up!

The friendly raccoon is called Felix and until today I still remember how it smells like. It kinda stays on your shirt and body…

And then there was the Leopard/Bengal Cat

Wild Cat


Don’t you think it looks like Michelle’s Cairo?

That’s not all!!

You ever watched that youtube video that goes Oh Really!

Prairie Dog

Doesn’t this prairie dog look familiar?

This pose is famous in the video and it’s EXACTLY the same pose.

It will do its thing and suddenly, it will stop for a second or two and be in this “stunned” position for no reason at all!

There’s also these ducks that if you walk too close to them, they will actually charge towards you!!


First time ever we got chased by ducks. Epic.

The most most memorable thing that happened however was the encounter with BIRDS.

The only description I could think of is from Very Demotivational.

Suddenly, Birds!


That was genuinely my facial expression when they all swarmed towards my hand.


They are actually very nice ummm, birds really. I tried poking them when it’s perched on my arm and it just inched away tiny step by tiny step. Very amusing.

So obedient

And then there was this mother of birds. A very pretty ummm, bird.

Perched there with the aid of the zoo keeper..

Damn unique right!

This pretty much sums up the zoo trip. Seriously damn memorable and fun. The awesome part is that they allow us to be so up close and interactive with the animals.

Singapore Zoo could learn from here!