4 Days in Ipoh – Food

Although it was a short 4 days to Ipoh, our main agenda over there was to EAT EAT EAT.

Everyone knows that Ipoh is famous for their Ipoh Hor Fun, so indeed we had that for our first meal over there!

The price here is so much cheaper

The food here is nicer too!

Their noodles there are mostly eaten with soup. But the texture of the hor fun is what makes it so damn nice.

Also, whenever you talk about Ipoh, you will also talk about their “Bean sprout Chicken”

We had this on our first night there as well at Lou Wang.

Fat Ass Bean Sprouts

The tough kampong chicken

The next morning we had Dim Sum from a renovated and grand looking restaurant, my relatives said that it’s probably not the most delicious but it’s the most presentable one.

The Building

Dim Sum

I actually think it’s so-so only. Yum Cha at Chinatown actually nicer..

There is also this famous place known as the Big Tree Leg Yong Tau Foo. (Direct Translation)


I think they are famous for their fried items there, like the ones on the top left hand corner of the picture.

The Noodles

The noodles are prepared in assam soup, so it’s not the usual curry/laksa yong tau foo you can find in Singapore either.

Quite a lame picture below but just to mention that their red bean ice blended is damn nice!

Red Bean Ice Blended!

The next food item is the one that i’ve been craving for the most! It is the famous Slippery Egg Hor Fun (Direct translation)

It used to be at some ulu secluded place and it’s the only stall open from about 9pm till midnight. But my relatives said they got robbed very frequently and hence they shifted to a new location. I still remembered that day we were in the car searching for where exactly is this new location, but no way did we expect it to be renovated into a spanking big restaurant known as TasteGood now, and it also serves many other dishes and drinks as well other than the famous Hor Fun.

This is just HEAVENLY

Really love this horfun

Anyway, the waiting time for this is nothing less than 30 minutes. So be prepared to wait!

For some reason, people also think that pomelos are a good thing to buy in Ipoh.

888 Huat AH

My relatives brought us to this street where there are about 20 stalls EVERY SINGLE one of them selling pomelos. Seriously it’s like some intense competition there. Lots of rivalry amongst competitors.

Next up we also bought some pastries that only costs $0.30 each but tastes super nice. It’s known as the Kaya Kok.

Kaya Kok (Puff)

It’s like crispy pastry and inside it’s stuffed with kaya!

There is also the Salted Egg Yolk Puff that is not as nice but still pretty unique. Perfect for those who like the egg yolk found in moon cakes because it’s the same ones!

Salted Egg Yolk Su (Puff)

On the very last day we were STILL trying to squeeze in as many meals as we can.

One of the last meals we had there was Beef Tendon Noodle.

Beef Tendon Noodles

Beef Balls

The note worthy thing is their soup, which is similar to Bak Kut Teh soup, clear version.

Dry Noodles

When you order the dry version, it’s not like the usual starchy sauce that you eat with your noodles in Singapore. It’s some dark sauce similar to those they use for the dry Ban Mian too over in Johor Bahru as well.

Other than this we also ate many many many other things like Curry Noodles, Salted Baked Chicken, Zi Char etc etc.

I swear we really ate as much as 5 meals a day, but surprisingly I didn’t get much weight, although my belly did grow and is still continue to grow up till now…

I am missing Ipoh food already!

4 Days in Ipoh – Cars

I spent 4 days in Ipoh from the 9th Jan – 12th Jan and tempted as I am to post things chronologically, I shall instead post by topic!

This post shall be dedicated to cars.

My cousin there is apparently a fan of exotic cars and I took the opportunity to take pictures and pose in them.

This is the Pink Jaguar that attracts everybody’s attention definitely when driven around.

Pink Panther

Would be totally cool to take this ride out for a spin.


He also has another Jeep at his workplace that’s equally attention seeking.

Yellow Jeep

The interior

Other than just sitting inside and posing with cars, I also had the chance to drive one!

My uncle Henry took us up to Cameron Highlands to tour and he is definitely an excellent tour guide man.

He brought us to the peak of the Titiwangsar Mountain Range and all, but that shall be for another post.

Anyway, my point in mentioning this is that halfway while driving down from Cameron Highlands, he suddenly said “Let me teach you something about driving.” He later went on to talk about using engine brakes while going downhill so as to avoid skidding, using of high-beam because it’s totally pitch black on the way down other than the reflective dividers at the side of the road etc.

Then, he told me to try driving it for the remaining of the journey back to Ipoh! If you know me, I actually dislike driving especially when it’s on unfamiliar roads because I don’t like the feeling of not knowing where I’m going.

This time round, it’s like the ultimate combination of going downhill, rainy AND foggy weather, transiting from day to pitch black night driving, and all these on a totally unfamiliar land. Yeah, it was quite an experience for me. It’s also awesome because it’s my first time driving a BMW! The feel is so much better compared to my dad’s Nissan.

Car & it's owner

Also, there was the added fear factor of my Uncle telling me that recently about 2 weeks ago or something, there was a bus accident there that left 20+ Thai tourists dead, and it was along the exact same stretch of road from Cameron Highlands. We also happened to pass by the very same bus that was recovered and left abandoned some place else after the crash.


All in all, it was a memorable experience. Surely made my holiday more fun than usual!