Hong Kong Trip 8 – 13 July

I know this is long overdue, I shall try to wrap this up in as few words and as many pictures as possible!

I went Hong Kong with my family for 6 days and we flew budget JetStar Asia (return tickets about $350 per person), and we stayed at Hong Kong Hostel for 5 nights for only HK$1888. Which actually works out to be S$23 per person per night, really budget!

The hostel is at Causeway Bay, which is near the heart of a shopping district and is extremely convenient – 5 minutes walk from the MTR.

Website in case anyone’s interested in the future, http://www.wangfathostel.com.hk/

Day 1

Our first meal we went straight to a cha chan teng already and then we had dessert.

Mango Mango Mango

We took a train to Wan Chai station to get to the Golden Bauhinia Square. It’s some historical place where the Hong Kong and China had some reunification parade thing. Sorry my history sucks! The below statue is supposed to be some gift…

That golden flower behind is a bauhinia

After this educational tour, we went to embark on our agenda for Hong Kong – Shopping!

I went to temple street market where i bought a canvas painting ( come to my house if you wanna see it ) and also necklaces in which they write names on rice. Yeah im a tourist and i’m entitled to buying such stuff.

At night we visited the Avenue of Stars as well as watched the Symphony of Lights. I really thought it was so-so and not spectacular at all. It’s just different buildings taking turns to light up in different colors, amidst ALL the lit up skyscrapers at night, it’s just not very special…

Day 2

We started the day getting ripped off at this Dim Sum restaurant.


The dim sum at this place is about $6 – $7 for one basket of siew mai or har gao. It’s so bloody expensive that I might as well come back to Singapore and eat because the food’s not that nice either!

After that was a spree at H&M! The one at the Central/Hong Kong Station where it’s 4 storeys. I got most of my clothes from here as it’s the summer sale and i think my family spent about $300 here.

In the evening, we went to take the Peak Tram up to The Peak! We didn’t go visit the Madame Tussauds wax museum so we had to queue for the ride up. Actually, there is a viewing gallery at the Peak in which you have to pay money to get up there. However, I realised that there is an adjacent building that is just a little bit shorter BUT you can go up there for FREE.


I suppose the scenery from this angle is just a tad lousier, but we didn’t have a lot of pictures anyway because all our cameras suck when it’s at night.

For supper, we headed back to Causeway Bay & I found this place that sells the famous double-boiled steamed milk. Or at least I think that’s the english translation.

The chocolate version

It tastes like the tau huey you get from Singapore, but instead of soya beans they use milk!

Day 3

Woke up in the morning to go visit the temple at Wong Tai Sin.

My dad says that it’s the equivalent of the Guan Yin Miao at the Waterloo street area so its worth a visit.

Some scenic waterfall in which we must pay a token amount to get in

After getting some good luck from the temple, we headed off to Tseung Sha Wan Plaza to take a look at their fashion warehouse outlets. Took us about 1 hour of walking and finding to get there and it was not worth mentioning at all. Not unless you’re an auntie.

Anyway, the much talked about Ladies Street in Hong Kong is actually a big flop. It’s a tourist gimmick and the pasar malam goods they sell there are well, just about pasar malam quality and standard. They don’t even have any real-looking fake stuffs there.

At night we went to Times Square ( this has got to be the most common name for a shopping center ) and my mum got me my first birthday present this year! I don’t have a picture of it but it’s a Ben Sherman sling bag which i have not yet seen in Singapore.

Day 4

Today was entirely spent visiting casinos in Macau. We took the turbojet and it’s an hour’s journey there. Tickets weren’t cheap though, I think it was HK$300 for return tickets? Anyway, the island ain’t that big. When we reached, our first stop was The Venetian casino!

Got to love their interior design there.

My parents

I think the gondolas and canal idea in the casino is pretty cool. By the way Marina Bay Sands tried to have a similar thing too but instead of a gondola they call it a sampan. In addition to just paddling you across the “canal”, the rowers also rock your gondola and SING! They are damn good singers in my opinion, ownz our average mediocre Singapore¬†idolists and the like.

Huge-ass murals

Their casinos there have an openness to it all. Unlike Singapore where they have so many barriers and entry restrictions etc, over there you just need to go down the escalator from the shopping mall area and boom, you just walked into the casino already.

My family didn’t gamble, firstly because we’re noob and we got no idea what half the tables are playing. It’s pretty intimidating gambling with your money at a casino, but it’s worse if you don’t even know the rules of the game (or even heard of them) and the other players look dead serious and not in the mood to play beside a beginner. Which brings me to my second point that each bet there is minimum HK$100. Which is about S$20 or thereabouts.

Some Ball at the Venetian

So we just went around trigger happy and headed off to MGM next. It was the world cup season and they have these flower displays arranged into soccer balls.

World Cup Trophy!!

ha de ha ha

Check out the wavy building.

The Building's cool right

It was also the first time I saw a limousine! Although it looks more like an elongated van instead.

They see me rollin'

After we headed back to Hong Kong, we decided to go catch some WORLD CUP FINALS at their local cha chan teng. I guess the atmosphere is the same as over here but the amazing thing is that the commentary is in Cantonese! It’s hilarious listening to them comment because they always like to give their own opinions and many times it’s with a sarcastic undertone to it.

Day 5

Giant Buddha day! By day 5 we were quite shagged out already so we took it slow and went to sit the cable car to visit this Gigantic Buddha at Ngong Ping.

I was kachiao-ing my dad to sit the crystal cabin cable car instead of the normal one and boy what a good choice it was!

Crystal Cabin

As you can see, the floor of the cable car is made of fibre-glass (or something sturdier than that) ! We could see the scenery from the bottom as well and hence it’s the cable car with the 360 degrees view.

My mum who was actually very scared

After climbing a long flight of stairs up in the scorching heat, we got to the statue of the Giant Buddha!

Say hello to the Giant Buddha

The view here is really awesome and if it weren’t so hot we would have stayed there to chill longer.

View of the scenery

Day 6

We were really tired then and because we had to check out, we just headed off to one last place called Langham Place to walk walk and have desserts before it’s HOME SWEET HOME!

Overall I think we spent about $1200 each per person and considering the amount of stuff we bought, as well as it’s my family’s first holiday (Malaysia not counted) in years, it was definitely worth it!!