The Phuket Post

Alas, I have gotten all that i need to start on this long belated post. As this will be pretty photo intensive, i shall do this in a chronological order so that you guys won’t be confused!

Day 1

Actually we arrived the night before but all we did was get lost because the stupid taxi driver dropped us at the wrong hotel. We whipped out our maps and our dear infantry friend, Qi Chao, was highly excited to be tested with his navigational and linguistic skills. But then it was my lasik eye that spotted our hotel first so i win.

The clock tower that was our landmark back to our hotel

Anyway, Day 1 early morning we departed on a ferry to take us to the lovely PHI PHI Island. It’s pronounced as pee-pee instead of fee-fee. We were taken to 2 scenic spots to snorkel and admire the clear waters. Maya Bay was apparently where they filmed The Beach featuring Leonardo Dicaprio and Monkey Beach was a small beach inhabited by well, monkeys. The waters here is really darn clear and the visibility is about 10 metres or so. The best part was Andre throwing the bread towards QC and the whole school of fish just swarmed towards him. Played some beach frisbee/soccer/volleyball till the evening and got a Thai Massage at night.

On the ferry whilst filming our very own break your heart MTV

The Awesome 5

Day 2

Our first sun-tanning session on Phi Phi Island in the morning. Really REALLY beautiful scenery. It’s so relaxing there i could just lay on the beach and read the whole afternoon.

I Was Here!

Awesome 5's last day at Phi Phi

Beautiful scenery in the background

But then we had to go back to Phuket Island. Headed straight to Patong Beach at night to explore the night life there. Saw a lot of AGOGO bars that are filled with Thai girls as well. Throughout the whole trip i swear we saw more than 100 couples, that between a Farang (ang-moh) and a Thai “girlfriend. Sometimes it’s quite sad to think about the situation where these girls are calling what they do their job. I can imagine how much they mean it when they say WORK SUCKS. Anyway, we decided to be good boys and just headed back to the hotel room to play Poker with shots. We bought a bottle of Smirnoff Vodka and let’s just say some people got knocked out while another got freaking high. Lousaye drinkers…

Patong Beach

Day 3

We started the day by renting a car to tour the Phuket beaches. Smart idea. We went to Kata Beach first and the beach there was the nicest in Phuket we heard. Rented a Jet-Ski and it really was awesome. I never knew a Jet-Ski could speed so fast and the bumps just made it more fun. A particular somebody again threw Ke Jun off the Jet-Ski because he wanted to, “Let’s see if we could turn at full speed.” Freaking hilarious. After that we headed to Karon Beach which was a bit further up north to basically chill around and played frisbee again. It’s a funny thing the water there stings, like there’s little planktons biting you all over. In the evening we rushed over to Promthep Cape to catch the sunset because it was supposed to be an awesome viewing point. Sadly, the stupid clouds decided to gather at the horizon that day and block out all scenic shots.


Awesome 5 at Karon Beach

Check out the dog's eyebrows

Picturesque view at Promthep Cape

Day 4

Today was some planned tour where we went to see elephant/monkey show, ride on elephants and ox-carts, ride an ATV (All terrain vehicle i guess) as well as white-water rafting. Pretty interesting as i never tried all the activities before but white-water rafting was a bit over-hyped. We didn’t really have to paddle a lot because the water just pushes the raft down and half the time was spent splashing water at other people.

Our ride to Phang-Na Bay for white water

Surprised Kitty found!!!

White Water Rafting in action

At night we rented scooters! Honda Click! was the bike and after a 15 mins crash course we were off to ride! There was still that particular somebody again who was already on course for crashing even before we reached the hotel. He who almost died 5 times. Also, because we got scooters, transport was much more convenient and we even went to their night market there. Clothes were pretty low quality so we just tried some food by the road side stalls.

Our very own riderz united.

Me posing while waiting for some lost birds to find their way

Day 5

Our last day! Rode our scooters to Central Festival Phuket. That’s actually the name of their biggest shopping center there. Rode around to visit some temple as well and also some lousy view point that can’t see shit because we had way too much patrol left. After that was home sweeet home.

Central Festival Phuket

It’s been an amazing trip and i realized that beach holidays could be as fun and enjoyable as other expensive holidays to faraway countries. Perhaps next year i shall go to Bali or Langkawi!