I must say that this was a very fun overseas experience with my friends. I went to Taiwan for 6D5N with Cephas, Justin, Wei Ming and Pin Quan. Sierra PL3mates. It was a pretty spontaneous idea decided over OA chat. We all needed a break away from work. Tada.

It was a free and easy trip so we had to meet up a few times to plan the hostel, air tickets as well as itinerary. Very glad that we did it all successfully! Spent about $1000 in total. We went to a hell lot of places which i won’t be elaborating here. Basically whatever that is famous in Taipei we were there. Something memorable was that it’s the first time I’ve ever gotten so drunk! Drank about 20 shots in total as the drinks were free flow there and about 5 of them were absinthe! Trust me we were SUPER high. Cephas was lying all over the floor outside the club and at our hostel lobby and Justin and I were just high blabbering rubbish. Too bad there weren’t any pictures of that night or it would be funny. The best part was we all didn’t puke nor did we have a hangover the next day!

We also went to many night markets and had many many chao da ji pas. Went to Jian Hu Shan for the theme park there that costs us alot of money as well as time travelling. Went to KTV where we drank and sang again. Went shopping at Wufenpu and Ximending. Went Jiufen for the scenery. Went to CKS memorial hall for a little history lesson. Went to Danshui to see the beautiful sunset.

The best part of all was the company that i went with i would say. It’s just very comfortable to be with my PL mates again even though we haven’t really seen each other often since the Sierra days, but when we get together it’s just like old times.

Back in Singapore now i’m having the post taiwan depression. Really really bad feeling.

Work sucks, I know.

The photos I posted here somehow had errors, so if anyone is interested in the old photos, please check out this link!


I want to go overseas again!