Batam Cable Ski

The weather was extremely good, cloudy windy with no sun. Kian Yong, Amerlyn, Evadne, Wen Bin and I went to Waterfront City, Batam to Cable Ski.

It was our virgin experience and there were alot of other virgins around on a holiday saturday. We reached there at about 11a.m. and we tried knee boarding! It was simple enough the only thing that needs getting used to was the sudden jerk at the turning points and at the start.

However, when it comes to wakeboarding. GLHF. We tried the entire freaking day but we still couldn’t master the START OFF. It was horribly embarassing my furthest distance was about 10m before i plunge into the water. Apparently those that were going round and round were all non-virgins. The final straw came when a little malay boy boy about 5 or 6 years old came along without wearing anything but shorts and took a board and just hopped on and off he went. He put grown men to shame. Many like Amer, Evadne and WB gave up and decided to camwhore and lepak instead.  – Pictures will be up once Evadne uploads them.

Now my ENTIRE FREAKING BODY is aching like shit. It’s worse than anything my neck, arm, butt, leg are all dying. Imagine having your body jerked forward at about 30km/h about a hundred times and landing at all sorts of awkward positions into the water.

SO FUN! Imma go back again to keep trying till i can go round & round.

Anyway, it was quite a good experience. $102 for the entire trip including ferry to and fro as well as lunch and an entire day of cable skiing. In Singapore, 1 hour costs $42 on a weekend. You compare!

The booze is cheap. The cigarettes are cheap. The pool table is FOC. The doggy there is cute. If not for the failure at wakeboarding itself, it would have been an awesome trip with awesome company.

Oh, and there is still a video that is bound to make you laugh anytime of the day. Only for the eyes of OSOS though.